It was my first role since 2000. And when I used to shot with Zenit, I took a lot of bad ones. Those are not tragic. Getting there 🙂 I think only one picture is on focus here 🙂 Hahaha. All pics from the roll. Porta 400

Kyrgyzstan Part II

Kyrgyzstan is beautiful. Can’t imagine how the colors come together during the summer. There is so more stories I would like to tell. Here are few of them.

Kyrgyzstan Part I

To be honest few weeks back I didn’t have any special thoughts about place called Kyrgyzstan. We booked the flight randomly and we felt in love!

Thailand Chiang Mai

It was the second time for us in Chiang Mai. 7 years ago, we came for 2 days. Now, we stayed for a more than week. It has amazing, open vibe. For sure we will be back!

Thailand Phuket

It was first time we came to Phuket, and honestly, we didn’t have big expectations towards this touristic island. Fortunately we landed very close to seafood market and far away from big resorts. Amazing experience and great time with gypsy kids